SETTING YOUR STRATEGY: Observe the Masses and do the Opposite

How to select strategies, catch waves and make market leading returns.   Within this article I am going to share with you how you can get ahead of the market by selecting strategies and catching waves to make market leading returns before your competitors have even got out of bed to look for them.   […]

The 5am Club Controversy

As someone who has studied sleep in a bid to master the art, maximise the gain and achieve triple A game performance as consistently as possible, the most recent progress and effective method I’ve made and found is as below. Choose a time to go to bed and hit this within a tolerance of 30-60 […]

Don’t bail the boat out with your own bucket

When we went into the first lockdown and everybody feared for their businesses, the first thing I said to our Property Entrepreneurs was don’t worry about what we’re heading into, this is a social and health consideration not a commercial or economic one. My suggestion to them was that there was no need to shift […]


Following our latest Get Up Give Back (GUGB) achievement where over 100 of our Property Entrepreneurs walked over 100,000,000 steps and raised over £100,000, I was reminded of where we started with this and how following the blueprint has enabled us to smash our target yet again.  So here is an insight to this methodology […]


This mantra is accredited to John Cleese on ‘Creativity In Management’ where he talks about the importance of having space, time and time to really facilitate creativity. It’s easy when we get busy to just turn up, get on the treadmill and run a million miles an hour trying to catch up. For entrepreneurs and […]

2021 Gold Rush Report

Economic Recovery – The Best Time in History As many of you will know, I’ve been writing business-in-property articles for YPN since 2013. In that time, we’ve seen changes in the market, the economy, the government and all things strategy, but nothing anywhere near as significant as the last 18 months.  When I wrote this […]

Happiness comes from fulfilment, not from finances

In 2019, I decided to level up everything that I did in my life which included a bigger house, a brand-new Mercedes, an R8 Supercar and sought enjoyment and satisfaction in life from the tangible things. At the end of the year, I had all the materialistic things that symbolise success but I had a […]

10 Key Lessons from the Past Decade in Business

1.Choose your battles wisely  One of the reasons why I have failed to achieve my goals in the past (or experienced pain and struggle in those I have achieved), is because I only looked at the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t appreciate the significance of what lines underneath to achieve success.  Every goal, challenge […]

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