Being the biggest is something that many of us strive towards, we want to be the biggest business, portfolio, offices team. The reality is there’s been a fundamental shift in recent years where being the best is actually better than being the biggest.

For years I’ve strived to build some of the biggest property businesses in the UK, be it Multi-Let UK, the U.K.’s largest network of HMO specialist portfolio management companies or be it Property Entrepreneur, the U.K.’s leading business and property training program.

Last year, I experienced the pain of aggressive growth again and saw the simultaneous shift in the market where the big players e.g. the big supermarkets and big retailers have been caught short and are being replaced by businesses that are not the biggest but the best.

This may just be a point in my journey or it may be that I’ve got the growth element out of my system. My primary focus is on being the best rather than being the biggest.


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