Don’t bail the boat out with your own bucket

When we went into the first lockdown and everybody feared for their businesses, the first thing I said to our Property Entrepreneurs was don’t worry about what we’re heading into, this is a social and health consideration not a commercial or economic one. My suggestion to them was that there was no need to shift […]


This mantra is accredited to John Cleese on ‘Creativity In Management’ where he talks about the importance of having space, time and time to really facilitate creativity. It’s easy when we get busy to just turn up, get on the treadmill and run a million miles an hour trying to catch up. For entrepreneurs and […]

Happiness comes from fulfilment, not from finances

In 2019, I decided to level up everything that I did in my life which included a bigger house, a brand-new Mercedes, an R8 Supercar and sought enjoyment and satisfaction in life from the tangible things. At the end of the year, I had all the materialistic things that symbolise success but I had a […]

For the Easy Life, Pay Good People Good Money

There is a saying we use on Property Entrepreneur – “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you pay for an amateur.”  Whether it’s trades, professional services, employees, or suppliers, opting for the cheapest tends to be a false economy. As we build our businesses, we realise that our team should be […]

Time Off is a Requirement, Not a Luxury

As a lifelong entrepreneur, established high performer and self-confessed workaholic, I’ve spent years begrudging early finishes, never taking lunch breaks, feeling like I should work when on holiday and slipping on to the laptop at weekends. Having been completely overworked and close to burnout, I adopted a stricter lifestyle. I took time off. Previously, I […]

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

We’ve heard this before but it’s probably one of the last things that we actually execute in practice. When recruiting, we feel panicked and rush to find somebody. This ends in compromising and getting someone who may not quite fit but may remain in the business for some time. I learned it’s better to have […]

Fast growth is highly disruptive

We’ve had several periods of growth at PPN UK and many of these have been aggressive. For five consecutive years, we were in the top 2% of fast growth companies in the UK but it is not a journey for the faint hearted. Businesses grow in a cyclical fashion – they need to step change, […]

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