The Official Property Entrepreneur Podcast

Welcome to the Official Property Entrepreneur Podcast with Daniel Hill.

On this stripped-back podcast, we’ll be going behind the scenes with special guests to provide insight and inspiration on all things business, life and the realities of high performance in practice.

The Property Entrepreneur Podcast has been launched to share the mindset, experience and unique and proven blueprint that has enabled Daniel to build PPN UK one of the UK's Leading Property Groups, win Entrepreneur of the Year in both age categories and break a World Record through his Charity Get up Give Back.

Success and failure are both very predictable, we hope you enjoy it!

Episode 001 - 6 Rounds Daniel Hill vs Adam Goff

Episode 002 - The Gold Rush 2020 Market Predictions

Episode 003 - The Margins You're Missing in Property Development

Episode 004 - 6 Rounds 002 Daniel Hill vs Rob Moore

Episode 005 - Three Steps To Breaking World Records

Episode 006 - Five Problems You Need To Overcome

Episode 007 - 6 Rounds 002 Daniel Hill vs Simon Zutshi

Episode 008 - Get Shit Done

Episode 009 - Webinar with Sally Lawson

Episode 010 - COVID-19 Property Market & Finance

Episode 011 - The UK Economy - What is ACTUALLY happening out there?

Episode 012 - Karma Credits - THIS will change your life.

Episode 013 - The UK Economy, Recession & Recovery

Episode 014 - From Start Up to Scale Up

Episode 015 -The Secret To Success

Episode 016 - Mike Frisby interviews Daniel Hill, UK 'Entrepreneur of The Year' 2018

Episode 017 - UK Economy and Property Market Predictions 2021

Episode 018 - 2021: 4 Reasons Why you Don't Stand a Chance

Episode 019 2021 - The Year of Purpose Driven Living

Episode 020 - Beast Mode

Episode 021 - Back Yourself

Episode 022 - Bounce Back Boom

Episode 023 - The Five Steps to Success

Episode 024 - Rich Bad Wealthy Good

Episode 025 - Hall of Fame Shiv Haria Lifestyle Property People

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