The mistake we see Property Entrepreneurs make all the time is positioning themselves in the market to say ‘The answer is YES, what is the question…?’

Building a business is one of the biggest challenges you can take on but if you are ever to get ahead of the game, on top of the market and charge premium price points that deliver lucrative margins you CANNOT be a jack of all trades.

Whilst most entrepreneurs spend their lives building businesses that do not make money, our Property Entrepreneurs understand the importance of strategic positioning where they observe the masses, and then do the opposite. 

Knowing your Niche is one of the most crucial Blueprints we teach on Property Entrepreneur to ensure our clients go an inch wide and a mile deep and it is this that delivers our Award Winning and Market Leading Property Businesses year on year.

– What is your Niche?

– What is your Strategic Position?

– How do you observe the masses and do the opposite to deliver something truly World Class?

Time to double down and shift gears team!



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