10 Key Lessons from the Past Decade in Business

1.Choose your battles wisely  One of the reasons why I have failed to achieve my goals in the past (or experienced pain and struggle in those I have achieved), is because I only looked at the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t appreciate the significance of what lines underneath to achieve success.  Every goal, challenge […]

The Definition of an Entrepreneur

In ‘finance’ terms, the definition of an Entrepreneur is someone who builds a business that… Pays them the open market salary for the job they do. Pays them the same again, as a minimum, in end of year profits. If this is not being achieved, logic suggests you could achieve point 1 AND remove the […]

The Definition of Success

On Property Entrepreneur the primary objective we promote is to achieve your ‘Life by Design’. This will be different for everyone and will likely change year on year. ‘Success’ is the maturity and confidence to create and live your Life by Design whatever that looks like to you. ‘Success’ is not following the highlight reel […]

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