This mantra is accredited to John Cleese on ‘Creativity In Management’ where he talks about the importance of having space, time and time to really facilitate creativity.

It’s easy when we get busy to just turn up, get on the treadmill and run a million miles an hour trying to catch up. For entrepreneurs and creatives however, these cannot be created whilst running a business at a million miles an hour.

For a couple of months last year, I fell out of my journaling and morning Cave Time sessions. Having recently got back into these, it’s incredible to realise and appreciate how much value, business development and progress is achieved through just 60 or 90 minutes working on your own.

First, you need space.

Second, you need time – with no distractions or disruption, simply time to yourself.

Third, you need time to process the concept. The first draft is not always the best, it needs time to be created and then have time to develop. This final step is where the best ideas come from.


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