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10 Key Lessons from the Past Decade in Business - Property Entreprenuer
Key lessons

1.Choose your battles wisely 

One of the reasons why I have failed to achieve my goals in the past (or experienced pain and struggle in those I have achieved), is because I only looked at the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t appreciate the significance of what lines underneath to achieve success. 

Every goal, challenge and success comes at a cost, and most people don’t consider the substance of this when signing up to it. 

The desert is longer and the sand is hotter than you think. Consider what is actually required in every challenge you take. Choose your battles wisely – go into it well read and with your eyes open.

Understanding the iceberg on the way is key if you are to achieve your goals and aspirations. 


 2.It takes 10 years to become an overnight success 

It is very easy to look at those who have achieved success in the eyes of society and discredit their position as they had it easy or got a lucky break.

Reality, in my experience a decade in, is that you have to play the long game. 

Don’t make your decisions today based on immediate returns and transactions that are on the table. Pay for your mistakes, roll up your losses, kiss some frogs and do the right thing. Invest your time, effort and money for what awaits you in the future. 

It’s all a (very) long game. 

If you make enough investments in the short term, take some punches and look at the bigger picture for long enough, your planets will align, as long as your direction of travel is sound. It will all come together and when it does, it happens very quickly.

No-one will see the back story, the battle scars or the catalogue of failures that don your rich tapestry. After 10 years of sharpening the axe and rolling up your challenges, you’ll land your lucky break, become an “overnight success” and wonder what all the fuss was about!


3.Every level has another devil 

The illusive “there” does not exist. 

If you think the next deal, next recruit, next year will be the one that solves all your problems, you will be constantly disappointed. 

Every time that you successfully step change in life, work or business, you will reap the benefits that come with progression. However on your arrival, you will quickly realise that the next challenge awaits you.

As a one-man-band, all you want to do is survive financially. And once this is achieved, you have a desk full of all the things you don’t want to do. 

You then have to spend your hard-earned cash to build a team, and now you’re worrying about making enough sales AND managing a team to run your business with you.

Then you want to go big, so you can get out the day-to-day. You buy back your freedom but now you have seven-figure overheads, the joys of HR, the changing market and the government setting the rules to wrestle with.

You finally make it. Money is in abundance, but now you need to find a way to work with the tax system. Your capital can’t be eaten by inflation, and your time and mind space is filled by doing everything you can to try not to lose it. 

I repeat – the illusive ‘there’ does not exist. 

Enjoy the journey and embrace the challenges, because every level has another devil.


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