Headline Strategy

Most Entrepreneurs spend their life turning up to the treadmill every day, swinging the bat and seeing how hard they can hit it.

The reality is this is neither engaging, fun nor productive.

Every year on Property Entrepreneur we spend three months through October, November and December reviewing where we’ve been, looking at where we’re going and arriving at our annual 


Your Headline Strategy for 2021 is the destination in your sat nav.

It is the single point of focus for your team.

It is the direction that every element of energy and activity drives toward in the year ahead.

Your Headline Strategy:

  1. Needs to be CLEAR
  2. Needs to be PUNCHY
  3. Needs to be something that becomes part of your everyday VOCABULARY

As an example, here are a few from years gone by below…




What is your Headline Strategy in the year ahead?

Top Tip : If you can HASHTAG it in a conversation, you are halfway there!


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