Observe the Masses and Do the Opposite

In this article, I will share a number of advanced methods we use at PPN UK for sourcing deals, via our portfolio building company and our development company. I’ll also be providing some behind-the-scenes insight into the tips and tricks we’ve used to secure investments and developments of all shapes and sizes that your competitors aren’t aware of, or fail to execute. 

Most may focus on deploying marketing strategies to secure off-market or direct-to-vendor deals, which are very valid. However, there are ten lesser known, quick-win and low-hanging margins you’re missing. These will enable you to step up your game immediately and I’ll cover as many as possible below.

The Margins You’re Missing 

Volatile property markets coupled with increasing levels of volume and uncertainty provide opportunity in the market. We aren’t the only people out there looking to capitalise. If you want to get ahead in 2020, you need to master the art of deal sourcing to ensure an edge of knowledge and ability against your competition for the months ahead. 

Common methods include getting into the agents’ pockets (namely by just putting your money where your mouth is), or to invest and deploy targeted marketing strategies such as PPC, lead gen, funnels, letters, flyers and bandit boards, with the primary objective of securing off-market or direct-to-vendor deals. 

These strategies certainly work, and have done us well to date. However, for those searching for low or no-cost alternatives, I hope the advanced insight and value within this article will help.

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