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The Gold Rush - Property Entreprenuer

Why 2020 – 2025 is the best time in history to be a Property Entrepreneur

Within this article, I will share the headline commercials and surrounding economics as to why the Gold Rush of 2020-2025 provides the most unique opportunity in history to become a property entrepreneur, and how you can capitalise on it.

What is the Gold Rush?

Whilst there are opportunities at all points within the property investing cycle, some periods are significantly more lucrative than others. 

Two market conditions provide a highly lucrative landscape in property:

  1. High volatility with high volume 
  2. Highly entrepreneurial market conditions

The UK economy and property industry are displaying emerging signs of volatility due to a market and landscape of reducing confidence and increasing uncertainty – fear of recession in the headlines, Brexit pending, landlord tax changes and increasing regulation and legislation, to name just a few. 

Couple this with record low interest rates, cheap finance, unregulated crowdfunding, access to a skilled worldwide labour force and government initiatives actively promoting small businesses, a unique opportunity presents itself for property entrepreneurs to move in and capitalise.

The Gold Rush

As the masses, from residential homebuyers to corporate developers, step to the side lines awaiting the return of steady waters, property entrepreneurs are moving in to seize the opportunity and capitalise on the most lucrative landscape in a generation. 

Basic Economics

Success in property is not a complex algorithm or a lucky roll of the dice. 

As with all markets, the opportunity is based around the basic economic price mechanism. When supply is low and demand is high, we see a boom time shortage with high prices and low margins. The reverse, as we will see in this Gold Rush is also true. When supply is high and demand is low we have a surplus, which offers low prices and high margins. 

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