As someone who has studied sleep in a bid to master the art, maximise the gain and achieve triple A game performance as consistently as possible, the most recent progress and effective method I’ve made and found is as below.

  1. Choose a time to go to bed and hit this within a tolerance of 30-60 minutes each night.  The more consistent the better
  2. Maintain good sleep ‘prep’ habits e.g. no screens, no fluids, no caffeine etc from x o’clock
  3. Preferred temperature set for the night and morning
  4. Sleep without an alarm clock and wake naturally

I’ve always been an early bird and the mornings are my playground. Having tried lots of different methods over the years, this is the one I have used for the last 18 months. You will see the results from the image above where my sleep is pretty predictable, consistent and effective.

Consistency beats cleverness in many cases and I’m not sure it’s about the time you get up as much as getting the sleep your body actually needs.

It will be a few weeks of balancing the books and settling into it but try the above including dropping the alarm clock and see what it does for you.

Try it out and let me know how you get on!


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