100 Property Entrepreneurs through Get Up and Give Back (GUGB), the charity arm of PPN UK, have just successfully completed a 12 week challenge to walk 100 million steps between them and raise over £100,000 for charity.

Property Entrepreneurs Programme Cheque Raise

GUGB will now be developing an end to end rehabilitation centre in partnership with Buses4Homeless to tackle the growing and ongoing issue of homelessness within the UK.

GUGB who work very closely with Property Entrepreneur has two key objectives:

    1. Promote and maintain the mental and physical well being of entrepreneurs


  1. Raise money for charitable causes

Every year, GUGB and Property Entrepreneur partner with a charitable cause with the aim of raising substantial funds which will facilitate the delivery of a high impact, tangible result to one of the many social challenges we face in today’s society, both in the UK and worldwide.

dan atkins accepts cheque for Busses 4 homeless

This year, GUGB and Property Entrepreneur partnered with Buses4Homeless in a bid to tackle the growing issue of homelessness within the UK. There are currently over 300,000 homeless people in the UK and more than 450 died on the streets in the UK last year.

The Managing Director of Property Entrepreneur, Daniel Hill, made the following statement about how he came to decide that homelessness should be the charitable cause to support:

“When we were approaching this year’s GUGB campaign, I was in two minds as to which charity to dedicate our efforts to. In 2019, we broke the world record with Operation Smile by raising enough money to pay for over 500 life changing operations for children born with facial deformities in third world countries. I was really proud of this achievement and so this year I wanted to ensure that myself and the Property Entrepreneurs made a similar impact but I was on the fence between which charity to go for. Then the decision was made for me! One of the team arrived at our Nottingham Head Offices at 8am in the morning to find a homeless person asleep in the doorway. This was the sign I needed, I knew that homelessness was the cause that we should focus our efforts on this year.”

get up give back GUGB step challenge

“Our Charity Committee spent a lot of time researching which organisation would be best to partner with because, although socks and sleeping bags can offer relief in the short term, we wanted to deliver more than that. We needed to find a more tangible and long term solution that had a far reaching effect in our bid to really tackle the problem of homelessness, and deliver a long term solution.”

“The outcome was that we partnered with Buses4Homeless, as their vision to build one of the UKs first end to end rehabilitation centres: B4H – Centre of Excellence, aligned with our vision to make a dent in the UKs longer term support provisions. The aim of the rehabilitation centre is not only to take homeless people off the street and provide food and accommodation but to re-engage homeless people back into their community by providing training, rehabilitation and looking after their wellbeing.”

“Working with this year’s GUGB Committee and Dan Atkins and Buses4Homeless has been an absolute honour and I’m very proud of the way our Property Entrepreneurs took on the challenge, delivered the steps and raised the capital required. We are now looking forward to continuing the partnership with Buses4Homeless and progressing the development of our vision of the B4H – Centre of Excellence.”

GUGB Commitee

Dan Atkins, the founder of Buses4Homeless, had this to say about the achievements of the Property Entrepreneurs:

“We are blown away and incredibly humbled by the life changing funds that the GUGB team have raised for our Buses4Homeless project. The funds will go towards a state-of-the-art training and development programme where guests will reside in brand new covid safe single-sleeper modules paid for and developed using the funds raised.”

“Over the next five years, the Buses4Homeless programme aims to take up to 100 people through a transformational programme, helping them overcome issues that led to them becoming homeless, empowering them towards further skills and education, along with helping secure long term employment and housing from there.”

“The funds raised by GUGB is the catalyst to taking our programme to the next level and we are forever grateful to the amazing people that put their body and mind through the 100 million steps challenge as well as everyone who contributed. We can’t wait to show you around our new site, and to share with you stories from successful graduates of our programme.”

“A MASSIVE thanks to everyone involved… and in your honour we will name the next series of programmes the ‘B4H #GetUpGiveBack Programme’”

Daniel Hill Property Entrepreneur signs GUGB cheque

GUGB would not be possible without the world class committee that headed it up, the ongoing support of all of our Property Entrepreneurs and both our private, local, national and Corporate sponsors.

A huge congratulations and heartfelt thanks goes to everybody who has taken on the challenge, who have raised funds and those who have supported and donated in any capacity. A specific thanks goes to our Corporate Sponsors, who’ve partnered their organisation with ours in a bid to tackle this growing problem.

With all this support the project will now go on to positively impact and improve the lives of 100s of homeless people around the UK and make a life changing dent in this growing issue over the coming months and years ahead.

For more information on Get Up and Give Back and to enquire about future opportunities, partnerships and ventures to change lives around the UK and World please visit our website at

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