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NEW WORLD RECORD: Property Entrepreneur sets New World Record - Property Entreprenuer

Property Entrepreneur sets New World Record for largest single donation to charity Operation Smile funding over 450 life changing operations for children around the world.

A new charity initiative launched by PPN UK has broken the world record for the largest single corporate donation in the 28 year history of Operation Smile. 

Over £75,000 was raised by 60 motivated Property Entrepreneurs who ran the Birmingham 10K and half marathon, smashing their target goal of £54,750. 

This fund-raising activity was part of PPN UK and Property Entrepreneur’s own charity initiative, Get Up Give Back (GUGB), which was created to promote the mental and physical well-being of entrepreneurs whilst also raising funds for other worthwhile causes such as Operation Smile. 

The Managing Director of Property Entrepreneur, Daniel Hill, made the following statement about the achievement: 

“We are hugely proud of all this year’s Property Entrepreneurs who gave so much of their most valuable resource – their personal time and commitment for such a phenomenal cause. Each and every one of them deserves recognition for training hard and running even harder to raise money for this hugely deserving cause”

“We actively promote good mental health and physical well-being as both play a fundamental role in the lives of high performance individuals on our Property Entrepreneur Programmes. I would like to say a special thank you to all who took part as well as everyone who supported and sponsored this achievement. It was a huge effort on the part of every one and smashing the world record was the icing on the cake.”

Every year GUGB selects a worthwhile charity partner and its choice for 2019 was Operation Smile UK. Thanks to NHS initiatives cleft palates are treated within 3 months of birth meaning that many who suffer from this condition are granted freedom from worry throughout their lives. 

However in many other locations such resources simply are not available, and this is where Operation Smile seeks to make a difference. To date the charity has provided almost a quarter of a million free surgeries for children and young adults, helping them live a life of good health, free from stigma, where they can smile without fear. 

The whole charity drive was managed using Property Entrepreneur’s unique and proven business growth methodology that allowed them to strategically manage, plan and promote the initiative. Starting with a firm strategy, this laid the foundations for the execution of the campaign within a defined operational and marketing budget funded by PPN UK. Once these initial stages of the project were put in place, the right team were selected to launch and the sales and marketing activity over a 12 week period completed the picture and broke the world record. 

The next GUGB campaign will launch in 2020 and is open to all entrants to the Property Entrepreneur Programme, which is currently accepting applicants at www.property-entrepreneur.co.uk

If you would like to find out more about the GUGB’s charity activities for 2020 or the 2019 event, please contact Mark Barrett, Head of Fundraising at info@property-entrepreneur.co.uk 

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