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Build a business/portfolio that generates enough monthly CASHFLOW to cover all your company and personal overheads. This income is repeat, monthly, is predictable and your SALARY.


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CASHFLOW is hard graft and comes in monthly, PROFIT is significantly less onerous and requires lower levels of overheads or infrastructure.

Making PROFIT is a large capital event when funds don’t come in monthly to pay your SALARY, instead it comes in quarterly/annually but when it comes in, it’s big chunks of capital, more like an annual BONUS.

PROFIT is lumps of capital that make up end of year BONUS. This is where wealth starts to be created – Balance Sheet.


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The aim – slowly replace your noisy and hard work CASHFLOW activity which may or may not be around for you in the next 3-10 years, with the most stable, low risk, low return assets.

This our FINANCIAL FORTRESS which is a combination of equity and modest but stable yield that provides the ultimate security of wealth and income.

Phase Three ASSETS aren’t sexy or exciting, they are boring, secure and stable.


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