Name: Josh Keegan

Years On PE: 8

Company: Ultimate FD


"In this episode, you'll hear how Josh Keegan, a.k.a. Ultimate FD, went from an employee with absolutely zero business experience at the age of 24 to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Josh started, scaled, systemized and sold a business and whilst simultaneously building a property portfolio that after applying the Financial Fortress Blueprint allowed him to reach financial independence and retire at the age of 33.

Josh explains what it takes to go on a journey from absolutely nothing to the top of the property entrepreneur pyramid. He has achieved something that very few people in their lives will achieve, which is the ability to have a Financial Fortress that creates passive income that exceeds your living costs and for the rest of his life, he'll be able to live off the steam.

Josh discusses the joy he's had in providing for his family and knowing that for the rest of his life, his financial independence is secured."

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